Oxygen Riots on Mars

As our species imagines interplanetary expansion we must remember the dark ethos of western capitalism and the rich history of resistance to it. This show uses science fiction to explore the dangers of big tech and imagine ways to shape it, and all technology, for the better, or resist it altogether.

July 7 2123 workers deface a Martian Amazon fulfillment center protesting oxygen rationing
July 24 2123 Greenpeace tags Starship IV before liftoff near Brownsville, TX
August 9 2123 ANTIGA activists deface a Spacex luxury starliner.
Symbol of the 2123 Oxygen Revolution.

This exhibition welcomes all artwork that challenges our reliance on technology and/or explores the beautiful history of putting people before profit.

Artwork of all media will be considered.

To apply for this call:

-send us an email with the Exhibition Title as the subject line

-including your images as attachments

-and a short artist statement

Pay the the submission fee ($10 per image) here.