Our Vision

Old Walls - New Ideas

Most American art institutions are limited and ultimately defined by the market they depend on. Commercial galleries must dismiss work that will not sell. Institutions funded by philanthropy must exclude work that disturbs the wealth of their donors. Even artist run co-ops must sell work and collect dues to pay the rent on their exhibition space.

Commission funded galleries also force artists to price their work too high to sell to regular people, because the gallery typically takes at least 50% of the sales. As we work to become a commercial business, our future structure will allow us to take 0-20%, allowing artists, especially emerging artists, to price their work to sell. This will allow artists to maintain reasonable prices while making sales.

Old Walls Gallery aims to rise above these restrictions. Our hopeful model will depend only on the labor of its owners and exhibition entry fees to fund its operations. This freedom will allow us to show work that other galleries cannot. Emerging experimental work, art that is just fun for its own sake, beauty, wonder, and even unedited radically critical work have a home here.

We are more than anti-capitalist, we are post-capitalist. This doesn’t mean we only show crazy leftist art, it means we are free to show all art, 

any art… 

your art. 

Reach out to us, we look forward to working with you.