Old Walls - New Ideas

We're Eric & Kristin

We met in college studying painting (Eric) and social work (Kristin). After marrying, we moved to San Francisco where Eric received his MFA from SFAI and Kristin received her MSW from USC. Eric has worked as an art fabricator with museum operations experience for more than fifteen years and Kristin has worked in the community advocacy and environmental health field for nearly a decade.

In 2021 we moved to New Mexico. Combining our love for critical thinking, spirituality and mysticism, and building community, we opened Old Walls Gallery.

Old Walls Gallery hope for a post-social media world:

Social media creates a disillusioned portrayal of life. Immediately when something is posted on these platforms, even under the best intentions, it cheapens the real life experience. OWG is founded on an authenticity of feeling all that life has to offer, and we invite it's visitors to observe the beautiful liminal space it provides in real time. You can learn about OWG through this website, word of mouth, our email newsletter, community presence, and the belief that we can still find out about amazing and cool things outside of social media telling us about it first.